About Us

A Full Service Sign Company Since 1938

About US

Ralph Leroy (Roy) Reiter Sr founder of Leroy Signs a full service sign company
Ralph Leroy Reiter Jr. (Skip) former owner of Leroy Signs a full service sign company

Since 1938

We Are A Full Service Sign Company


April 1st 1938- Ralph Leroy (Roy) Reiter Sr. & Lloyd Reiter (Brother) incorporated Leroy Signs Inc. (LSI) and the first building was located at 1914 Washington Ave N., Minneapolis, MN. Phillips 66 Gas was the first big neon account for LSI. The picture of the red truck is loaded with Phillips 66 Gas signs. LSI was one of the first neon tube benders in the state of Minnesota serving customers like Northwestern National Bank & the famous weather ball that had 4 different color neon tubes to get your forecast.
Lloyd left the company in the 50’s and moved back to Florida leaving Ralph Leroy (Roy) Reiter to run the company.

In 1958 Leroy Sings Inc. moved to 3101 North 2nd Street and remained there until 1972.

The company was experiencing rapid growth and needed a bigger manufacturing area. The company was moved to its current location at 6325 Welcome Ave. N. Brooklyn Park, MN. Ralph Leroy Reiter Jr. (Skip) took over in the early 70’s running the show until the third generation took over in the early 90’s.

LSI is currently owned by 3 family members; Ralph Leroy Reiter III, Kaj D. Reiter & Andria L Reiter.


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